Your confidence determines your success in life

The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is confidence.

Think about it.

Two people with the same education, the same skills, the same intelligence…

One of them is confident.

So he takes risks.

He shares his ideas with others.

He puts himself out in the world and opportunities open up to him.

He gets things done because he’s not afraid to stand tall and speak up.

So he is successful in his career or business, and in his personal relationships.

The other person, however, has no confidence in himself.

Keep in mind, even with all the same skills and abilities, the only difference is an emotional one.

He doesn’t feel like he should put himself out there and take risks to get what he wants.

So he does nothing.

He goes with the flow, keeps his head down, never speaks up, never shares his ideas…

And never succeeds at anything…

All because he’s too afraid to DO anything.

His career never takes off because he never speaks up.

Maybe he complains about how things could be improved, but he never speaks up or takes a leading role in actually making those changes happen.

So his talents go to waste.

He keeps to himself and leads a life a quiet desperation.

All because he doesn’t feel confident.

In fact, people in his situation usually watch others with less talent and less education achieve more success than themselves…

…Only because… they have the confidence to try.

And it’s sad, really, when you finally understand that confidence is only a feeling.

Because, once you know how to achieve that feeling on command, success follows naturally. And more success makes you feel even more confident… which makes you even more successful.

So, if you want to be more successful, you just need to learn how to feel more confident and get the ball rolling.

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